Whois Privacy Protection with Draze Hosting

As per ICANN regulations, your current WHOIS information is required to be available to the public and entirely correct. Because of this you’ll have to submit your own personal or organization details on the web and re–confirm that it is accessible to absolutely everyone to check out. Using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service provided by Draze Hosting, you are able to protect all your details by employing our data as an alternative.
A great benefit would be that all domain–related e–mails (transfer requests, EPP codes, etcetera) will continue to go through, whilst not needed emails will be blocked out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Considering that a few registrars have actually fixed Whois Privacy Protection limits for their TLDs, we all can’t offer the Whois Privacy Protection service for all the domain names available. Nonetheless, the amount of domain names which come with Whois Privacy Protection is constantly growing and it already involves all the most used domains extensions.
Take a look at our detailed TLD specification page to discover which from the provided domain extensions feature Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificates directly from your CP

Via the Domain Manager, you’ll also be able to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name. With an SSL certificate, all the private information that your clients submit via your site (through the order form, via a login form, and so on) will be enciphered and the sent data will never be jeopardized.

To enable an SSL certificate for your domain name, simply enter the required info and press the Activate button. You can get a standard SSL certificate, which will be valid for one host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be valid for all the hosts under your domain.

SSL Certificates

Domain Locking

Theft–proof your domain names

With Draze Hosting, you’ll be able to easily protect your domain from being taken away without your approval by "locking" it at your current registrar. This will not influence the way the domain works in any respect whatsoever, but will immediately stop all domain transfer requests.

In case you have to transfer your domain name, you can easily unlock it. Locking/Unlocking a domain is truly easy and requires just one click.

Domain Locking

Effortless WHOIS Management

WHOIS administration done straightforward

When registering a domain name, you have to give accurate WHOIS info as well as to keep it up to date all the time. If you want to change your email or home address, or in case you aim to transfer the domain name to someone else, you can achieve that via the Domain Manager interface.

Simply click on the Edit WHOIS button next to the domain name in question and alter the corresponding registrant, admin and technical contact info. When you click on the Update button, the changes will be instantaneously updated online.

Effortless WHOIS Management

DNS Record Control

Achieve total control of your DNS settings

The Domain Manager offers an inbuilt Custom DNS Records section via which you’ll able to easily manage all kinds of DNS records for your domain. With only a single click, you can set A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT records and edit them whenever you want! Simply specify the new value for the DNS record that you want to set and then push the action button!

Through the Domain Manager tool, you can also set name servers for your domain name and convert a DNS resource record to its default status with merely one click!

DNS Record Control

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